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Psycho first 'did it' for me, I mean REALLY 'did it' for me was, with a close friend watching my new DVD copy - at home, here in HK - just a few weeks ago and relishing in the delicious thought that in three places, he was going to scream his f'ing head off. I'd tell you more about it, but if your eyes wander upward, there's a whole tab dedicated to it:. Before I get started with the movie, I think you people who are criticizing Harry need to get two brain cells to rub together. But don't throw shit on another actor doing his take on it. Anthony Perkins' Norman a great performance by a torutred man

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PSYCHO (1998) My Non-Review

And the sad thing is, the film will make money, if not from all the empty-headed teens too lazy to watch an original in black-white and the idiotic Scream crowd, but from people who can't help but to check out the film out of curiosity. Movies are supposed to be by nature escapist, meaning that for two hours you get to get away from your life. The curving you see in panoramas with Autostich is a result of geometric distortion-- or is it perspective distortion? And hey, Rick Baker did the mother corpse, that cant be all that bad now can it? I loved Perkins' performance, Hitchcock's direction, and Herrman's score. It is fine for single shots, but stitching you definately have issues.

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When I first heard of the idea I thought it was going to be terrible than after seeing it today I was wrong. I saw the Psycho remake and remake is the absolute correct term here , and I have to say that everyone seems to be missing the point. I'm sure this was tremendous fun and a real kick for all people involved in making this, I just wish they hadn't persisted in sharing their joy with us. The people who were curious about it went to see it. After reading all these positive reviews, i think I must've seen an unfinished cut. Likewise, why bother listening to your favorite song more than one time?
Thursday, May 21st , And Harry, I'm sad to say that you have lost some of your power in my eyes by writing your article about Psycho ' They were of course high publicized secret auditions. I had a similar experience when my company was paying for low budget website hosting and I ran a groupon on. It has a OSX port, but I have not yet tried it. My best educated guess is that it was the lens.

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